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Dec 23 2017

Track and Trace Pharmaceuticals Solution

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Compliance and Digital Information Platform for Pharmacies with EU FMD Requirements

Under EU FMD, pharmacies across the region must now scan a new 2D DataMatrix barcode (containing GTIN/NTIN, serial number, lot number, expiry, and optional National Reimbursement Code), which is applied by the manufacturer to every pack of medicines, and verify the authenticity against information held in a national system.

The TraceLink Compliance and Digital Information Platform for pharmacies with EU FMD requirements allows dispensers to meet their verification and decommissioning requirements under the law without any disruption to existing workflows.

Pharmacists simply use a mobile device to scan any prescription medicine and submit the product code (GTIN/NTIN), serial number, lot number, and expiry date with the verification or decommission request, and the application will receive the status from the national system.

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