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Feb 2 2018

Jobs in Uganda, Adverts, Daily Monitor, New Vision, Online, hospice africa uganda.#Hospice #africa #uganda

Jobs in Uganda, Adverts

Find Uganda job listings from various sources, employment bureaus, agencies and general tips on how to get a job in Uganda, Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, Wakiso and so much more.

In Uganda today, the quantity of people in search for employment is overwhelming in comparison to the available jobs. For that reason therefore it is very crucial that search smartly for a job if at all you want to become successful or even get a job. Listed below are some of the finest ways to search for employment in this country.

Searching the internet has become a popular trend used by many people in Uganda although the challenge is many don’t know the right sites to search while looking for jobs online. The internet has certainly proved to be one of the excellent and successful ways to get a good job. There are numerous websites listing available jobs on a day to day basis. The most common among them are:

Hospice africa uganda

• The Public Service website

• Uganda work now –website.

• Uganda Picks site

Recruitment agencies are another means you can use to get yourself a job. The advantage of using such companies is that they usually have a variety of job opportunities provided by various employers. Some of the reliable recruitment agencies you can use are:

• NFT consults located on Kisozi Complex

• UNISIS whose offices are at Kampala Serena

• Dama Consult whose main offices are at Uganda House

• People performance group (PPG) situated in Naguru

You can productively search and get a job in any of the country’s newspapers. A number of employers list job vacancies weekly in the newspaper advertisements. I recommend you to particularly check:

• The New Vision with Job listings

• The Daily Monitor with Job listings

Most people visiting Uganda are here for work. You will find a reasonable number of job opportunities within Kampala; however there is as well a great deal of competition for them.

By far and away the best way to find a job in Kampala or Uganda is to show up personally and begin looking. I cannot emphasize this point well enough it’s approximately 100% more effective (and enables you to be 100% more appealing to prospective employers) than simply taking out CVs from the lounger back in your home nation. In case you can, identify a number of potential firms of interest and produce a list of their contacts prior to deciding to come. By doing this you can make an effort at organizing some meeting for when you come. In addition in case you are trying this technique ensure you have sufficient money to see you through the first 2 to 3 months since it could still require sometime to find something once you arrive.

Work permits go for about $250 USD and your employer must logically pay for it. In case you are fortunate enough to be employed in any official or even government, then a letter from the civil service official goes quite a distance to assist you obtain the permit and even speed up the process. In any other case, be cautioned that a work permit may take up to 3 months to get it fully processing so you will have to ensure that your standard entry visas are well updated for the time being.

In case you are volunteering then it could slightly be different in that you do not require a work permit however you may use the tourist visa (provided that you are not being paid stipends do not count). In case you are volunteering for more than the regular 3 month entry-stamp will cover so you have to apply for an exclusive pass on arrival in Uganda. This provides you an additional 3 months and it costs about 300,000 UGX.

In case you are already in Uganda and are in a visa difficulty (or you want to renew your visa or change visa status), then all you simply have to do is to go to any of 2 immigrations offices found in Kampala; The head office on Jinja Road on plot 75 and the other is at the end of Port Bell Road (you simply have to follow the road till you can’t go any more and you will find metal gates which you will walk through). I recommend that you go to the office on Port Bell road since it is less busy and really smaller and not as busy and for that reason customs officers are generally a little more easygoing.

The leading jobs you will get in Kampala or Uganda are generally within the NGO, teaching field, diplomatic or oil realm. In particular, there is a very huge humanitarian crowd found here that focuses on health, development and education. Kampala is as well the head office of the huge NGO Malaria Consortium, who every once in awhile recruit people.

A word of warning to foreign people searching for NGO work; at the time of June 2012 the Ugandan government put forward new legal guidelines to limit the quantity of jobs offered to foreign nationals so as to prioritize qualified Ugandans. As a result, NGOs should be in a position to provide persuasive reasons for employing expats and also the job market could get a lot more difficult for foreigners.

You will find several job websites that are worth looking at such as (in case you are searching for NGO work) some the international sites include,, and

There are as well a couple of Uganda-particular job websites which provide an array of jobs such as,, plus

Also remember to check the newspaper (along with their online versions) like the Observer, Daily Monitor as well as the New Vision that as well have sections showing jobs. Or maybe check out our jobs in the Uganda forum.

The expat community in Kampala a very small one (sometimes claustrophobically so!) therefore it is relatively easy to come across employment bigwigs within a social context as well as networking is undoubtedly the ultimate method to suss out (and also secure) prospective job opportunities. Most of the popular foreigners hangouts like Bubbles plus Mish Mash, as well as other cafes in town are great places to begin within your pursuit to network into getting a job.

It is as well a great option to join several societies or attend or groups events to be able to meet people. Networking through Linked In as well as connecting with other people residing in Kampala as well as working in your aspects of interest is yet another easy way to get job opportunities. You will find several job-related groups which meet on a regular basis and post prospects online like the ‘Network of International Consultants Uganda’ who meet every month for drinks and also to network and it is a great way to find temporary consultancy prospects and association.

Additionally there is a registry of the NGOs registered in Uganda, known as the Directory of Ugandan Development Organizations having links to their different websites which you can always check out for job openings over the internet.

Uganda has seven international schools within Kampala that publish job vacancies on their websites each time they are available.

One other great way to get yourself plus your CV available and in fact get actual contacts is to create a list of organizations you are considering working for and even personally visit their offices to give in your CV. Particularly in case you might be a freelance worker (for example photographer or a journalist or even a consultant) this is a good way to get future connections. Although the organization may not presently be advertising, you will find some temporary jobs as well as contracts that you will be required to fill quickly or they may even retain your CV for future job opportunities since this could save them some much time and effort in job recruitment.

Several people (particularly those associated with international Christian organizations) travel to Uganda particularly to volunteer and there exist several volunteer organizations established for this reason. Volunteering is yet another easy way to fill time (and prevent getting spaces in your CV) while you are searching for paid work.

Below are a couple of places to look at:

Sanyu Babies Home Located in Mengo this is among the oldest and largest babies home within Kampala and has a regular flow of baby volunteers walking through its doors. It is possible to volunteer here from one to six months.

Child’s I Foundation and Malaika Babies Home As well situated in Mengo. They provide volunteer media opportunities occasionally to competent media professionals to assist them to shoot their professional videos as well as awareness-raising videos.

Watoto Church a place that usually has a requirement for volunteers is this Watoto church that offers vacancies for the volunteers on their online site.

For medics as well as medical students searching for international medical experience it is as well not too difficult to contact the main hospitals like Mulago plus International Hospital Kampala (IHK) to set up some great work experience. Usually they are really lacking staff and even accept trainees plus qualified doctors having medical qualifications from highly regarded international institutions.

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