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Oct 7 2017

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Health News

Class takes place in 4 feet of water on bikes that are attached to the bottom of the therapy pool.

It s time to rock your goals, find your bliss

SoCal s toughest trail run: It keeps going up and up and up.

Protect your kids and the planet with these back-to-school health tips

Try yoga with a view, or join a mass meditation at downtown L.A. s newest park

A new Pilates studio in Brentwood, early morning yoga at a Santa Monica bar, a day-long retreat in downtown Los Angeles and thousands of people meditating in a local park: Put these on your schedule this week. This weekend — June 10 and 11 — is the official opening of the new Club Pilates in Brentwood.

9 ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s

This is why you re seeing more purple at the supermarket

Yes, you can eat your way to beautiful skin. Here s how


Breast-feeding while working as a politics editor is hard. Here s how I survived the last seven months

I had no idea how difficult it would be to breast-feed my newborn son. As a first-time mom, nursing was so hard I started taking notes on my iPhone for a story I wanted to write about how none of the products marketed to make the practice easier were actually practical. It would be a screed on.

Medi-Cal programs to the state: Can we stop printing and mailing directories the size of phone books?

In Los Angeles County, signing up for Medi-Cal is often followed by a phone book-sized directory landing on your doorstep. The 2017 directory for L.A. Care, a local Medi-Cal health plan, is 2,546 pages of doctors’ names listed by city, by specialty — anesthesiologists, gastroenterologists, ophthalmologists.

3 Californians have died of West Nile virus this summer, officials say

California health officials said Friday that three people have died of West Nile virus this summer, marking the first deaths in what could be a particularly dangerous season for the disease. The three people lived in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Kern counties, according to state health officials.

FDA approves historic living drug treatment to fight childhood leukemia

Opening a new era in cancer care, the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first treatment that genetically engineers patients own blood cells into an army of assassins to seek out and destroy childhood leukemia. The CAR-T cell treatment developed by Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.

Meditation in fashion? Designers share how the practice helps them reboot, refresh and stay grounded

Meditation: it never goes out of style. While fashion folk constantly seek out the latest wellness trend — IV drips, sensory deprivation, infrared saunas, cryotherapy, turmeric and beet lattes — the centuries-old practice is finding new currency. “It’s tough within the industry now,” says Khajak.

Food-borne parasite infections on the rise in L.A. County

Health officials warned this week that an unusually high number of patients in Los Angeles County have been infected with a parasite that causes a severe stomach illness and can last for months if not treated. Between June and Aug. 1 this year, 14 people in the county had been diagnosed with the.

A great workout hike — with stunning views

The Verdugo Mountains separating the communities of Montrose and La Crescenta from Glendale and Burbank rise sharply and present impressive city and valley views. Here’s a brisk hike that will get you to the top in a hurry — huffing and puffing. Go early in the day to beat the heat. Take lots of.

Maybe this is why you can t lose the weight

After decades of pushing single plans and products that didn’t prove effective for a large chunk of the population, the health and wellness industry is finally zeroing in on more precise solutions tailored to the individual. Here’s a look at some of the latest programs, tools and products designed.

Despite complaints, judge says Aliso Canyon natural gas facility can reopen

A state appeals court judge ruled Saturday that Southern California Gas Co. can resume operations at its Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, the source of the biggest methane leak in the country’s history. On Friday, L.A. County had been granted a temporary restraining order that would have.

Here s your chance to work on your yoga handstand

Free yoga, sound therapies, and motivational workshops and workouts. Here are a few upcoming wellness events you’ll want to know about: To celebrate the rebranding of Culver City s Goda Yoga as SoulPlay Yoga, new owner Nathania Stambouli is opening her doors to a free hour-long vinyasa class Saturday.

Dump the junk with these barbecue treats that still carry plenty of pop

Those summer barbecue staples — buns, potato chips, alcohol and burgers — don t have to leave you feeling stuffed and bloated. Here are some ways to add healthful offerings to the table while keeping backyard gatherings festive. Skinnier, more healthful buns The slender One Bun Multi Grain Thin.

One child, a $21-million medical bill: How a tiny number of patients poses a huge challenge for Medi-Cal

Somewhere in California, one child’s medical expenses in 2014 totaled $21 million — a bill covered entirely by Medi-Cal, the state’s version of Medicaid. The child’s condition is not known. But the cost of care was mentioned in recent Twitter and Facebook posts by Jennifer Kent, head of the state.

Medi-Cal patients sue state, claiming widespread discrimination

A group of Medi-Cal beneficiaries filed a lawsuit against the state Wednesday, alleging that low payments to doctors are creating an unequal healthcare system in California. Thomas A. Saenz, an attorney representing the plaintiffs and president and general counsel for the Mexican American Legal.

Nike just does it: applies footwear technology to apparel

Nike today is launching the Fe/Nom bra, the first apparel product to use Flyknit technology, which until now has been reserved for footwear. “We’re going to apply the benefits across Nike apparel,” said Nicole Rendone, senior bra innovation designer at Nike. “We’ll continue to expand bras and all.

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