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Jan 14 2018

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we believe the measure of a true financial adviser is to make complicated matters like pensions and investment services straightforward. it is this simple quality which breeds confidence and delivers peace of mind to our clients. we guarantee a personalised approach to financial advice, bespoke investment strategies and comprehensive progress reports as standard.

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You have worked and saved hard to accumulate enough capital to provide your family with financial security and a comfortable retirement for yourself.

Now, for your peace of mind, you need to know not only that your investments are secure and unlikely to be swallowed up by high fees and hidden charges or swept away by any financial crisis that comes along, but also that they are working hard for you without exposing you and your heirs to unnecessarily high tax bills.

This is why your choice of investment company or financial adviser to help you to nurture and protect your money is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

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At the Whitehall Partnership we believe that true financial experts are people ā€“ like us ā€“ with the ability to make complex matters such as pensions and investments clear and straightforward and not to leave you wondering where your hard-earned money is going.

This simple approach breeds confidence and gives peace of mind to our clients.

We guarantee a personalised approach to financial advice, bespoke investment strategies and regular comprehensive progress reports as standard.

As an independent financial adviser and investment company, the Whitehall Partnership is able to offer an expert service in a number of ways while striving to manage your finances with absolute integrity.

Our approach is unique ā€“ no guesstimates or over-optimistic forecasts, no gimmicks, no sales jargon.

Instead, we will always give you hard facts and allow you, at all times, to check the health of your investments. This is why we will take time to ensure we fully understand your current situation, as well as your hopes and aspirations for the future.

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As a leading investment company, we provide three flagship services for you to choose from, each having been created to give the best possible service.

For those seeking to get on top of existing investments and pensions, we offer ValuePlus. This is a service that provides you with a thorough and detailed written report that spells out clearly the charges you’re paying, the risks you are exposed to, and assesses whether your investments are suitable for your current situation.

Our Choices at Retirement service helps you select the most appropriate method of taking pension benefits. We’ll go through all the available options with you to determine the best possible outcome for the future.

For those looking for a comprehensive private or business service we offer our deluxe financial plan which is ideal for both investment and retirement solutions.

Another area where we excel, and one that is becoming increasingly important, is the issue of inheritance tax and how those who’ve worked hard all their life distribute their wealth tax-efficiently.

The Whitehall Partnership will help you to ensure your estate goes only to the right people.

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